My Workshop

Some of the more showcase-able micro projects

Split Color Text

A little study to exploring rendering dynamic color to text inverse. The other patterns available require more code or are deficient in some way.

Horizontal Scroll

A studying into hijacking expected scroll functionality. I have seen the horizontal scroll implemented in very fresh and interesting ways.

Book of Tea Excerpt Layout

Playing with layouts. With an exploration of vertical text elements and themeing with regards to content.

Progress Bar

Exploring the scroll progress and section word count display.
Note: I would like to come back around and add a progress by word count ui of some sort.

Section Separator

Exploring separator patterns. I find that they are a simple way to add detail to a layout.

Gradient Slash

Layout play across the diagonal. Note: I should probably circle back to this and expand.


really enjoy this flat sun pseudo cloud visual. Thus, it was an obvious project to render it.

Separator layout

Continued play with separators with an exercise in strong color usages.

Trudging Svg Animation

An initial first push into some of the really amazing stuff that can be made with svg's.

Hamburger Hover Play

Some hamburger menu animation. Fun little project.

404 Fox Svg

SVG play with my creation the dapper fox.

Spinner Border

A study in border effects and loading animations.

Responsive Menu

Study of a responsive nav menu pattern. With toggle and hamburger menu animations function.

Hover Card

An early study of show on hover effects.

Scroll focus Section

Study of scroll events