Project: Claire Morency Real Estate



Claire Morency Real Estate


Redesign of the brand and development of a website that sells business value.


Design of a unique brand identity. As well as a custom designed website.

  • Branding
  • Design Direction
  • Web Design
  • UX Design






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Showcased view of CM Real Estate testimonial page
Showcased view of CM Real Estate Home page


Claire Morency Real Estate is a Northwest based boutique real estate group. Driven to facilitate informed investing.


CM Real Estate delivers expertise and quality, tailored to each client's needs. We partnered to ensure that this promise and product value was conveyed through their brand and website.


We operated under the assumption that visitors to our site fell into two categories.

  1. Shoppers: Those at one of the stages of the buying process (buying an agents service). Either acquainting themselves or looking for further validation.
  2. Actors: Those who found the site ready to take action and looking for contact information.

It was important that we design our experience to cater to a "shopping" audience particularly on our home page. Therefore we structured our layout around our information strategy.


We focused on curating our layout so our information was at a glance and supported our copywriting. Our information strategy was derived from a moderate sales strategy. That is; humanize, clearly inform value proposition, relate and support rationally, and allow the customer to come to their own conclusion given all the information. This philosophy tends to have less volume but less turnover, and more repeat customers. For a boutique position customer relationships and retention was the obvious choice over turn over. An information strategy of reasoned evidence as to why one would wish to work with us accompanied by emotive elements to nudge those on the fence or who are more susceptible to emotive reasoning.


The successful design of the recognizable brand that drove core values. A supportive UI, and UX and information strategy that targeted our desired audience.


  • Branding

  • Responsive Web UI Design

  • Responsive Web & UI Development