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I dropped in my work on my own portfolio. The project required me to take an objective perspective and treat myself like a client to get it to an appropriate level.... and it's about due for a refactor.

Self ;)


Design and Develop a brand and website conveys business value, personality and process


Design of a brand identity a website, Codepen, CodeSandbox that reasonably expresses proficiencies

Note: Dribble, and Github contribution will be circled back around to at a later date.
  • Branding
  • Design Direction
  • Web & UX Design
  • Development
  • Copywriting






Sketch App


Note: This project summary is going to be more candid.

I am a digital designer with developer flavor or a developer with design sense.

"If you go through life with eyes open you can not help learning a whole awful lot"
- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from Edient Gerrard


In my time in development I have worn a lot of hats on a fair number of projects given my career length. All of those night sleeping at my office, cranking out deliverables. Trying to get my head around concepts and technologies left me with fair amount of experience and decent skill set. It was necessary to create a space for this to be showcased and proved by product.


Oh so many challenges

1. Position within the market

Deciding on my market position was a challenge. When I launched the first iteration of my portfolio. My skill distribution between development and design 30:70 respectively. I have since transition that to 60:40 development to design.

2. Copywriting

With any undertaking, particularly if never attempted before there are always aspects not accounted for. In the case for this project. I did not estimate the requirements of copywriting properly.

Keeping away from a rigorous analysis, I simply underestimated the difficulty in honing in on the appropriate tone and verbage. Maintaining consistency for each project also was initially trying. I had to define and refine the appropriate voice for the web and further the particular web audience my content was intended.

1. Production Management (Managing a one man team)

Working on this project I ran into an unexpected challenge. But, with experience, it was completely obvious.

Initially I was bundling work in an attempt to be more productive. For example, I would wireframe and work on my content architecture simultaneously. Then skip the high fidelity design phase and bundle it into frontend development.

It ended up as a mess. The production quality was in the trash and everything was suffering. I had to take my favorite medicine of humble pie, and step back.


1: Position Solution

I cannot take credit for a cleaver solutions defining my market position. But rather my continued drilling of development made it clear as a frontend developer.

2. Copywriting Solutions

To solve the copywriting writing challenge required a more fundamental solution. That is study, drilling, and analysis, accompanied with the fortune of having a good friend who also wanted to develope their writing. We partnered for weekly writing to review and train. Through this, I was able to reach a point of adequacy. Though, there is a still a lot to improve on.

3. Mental Production Cost (Managing a one man team) Solution

To deliver a quality of work that I am not ashamed of I had change my perspective and treat my project like a full production. I was my own client and their was no room to cut corners. I had to completely rework my project timeline but, it was necessary to give each phase it deserved attention. General strategy, content strategy, copywriting, wireframing, low & high fidelity mock, development, dev and design quality assurance and copywriting editorial passes and final quality pass before deployment…and sometimes I still miss things. ;)


All in all, I am finally relatively happy with the version 4 of my portfolio. Through this project I leveled every skill in my competitive skill array. From project management, copywriting, design, design showcasing, and development.

The irony is that a few of my skills and comprehension of a few concepts and technologies have vested and a refactor and is already on my timeline.

I plan am entertaining the idea of refactoring into react. But definitely increasing the separation between my content (copywriting and visual assets) and User Interface. Thereby, making it much easier to change one or the other without having to untangle. Basically, creating a hard separation from code and content. I suspect this is a relatively fundamental architecure decision for modern websites and apps. But, working through something oneself it a sky and earth difference from general understanding.


  • Branding

  • Responsive Web UI Design

  • Responsive Web & UI Development